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TEDx P&G Geneva

TEDx Melbourne

More Talks & Panels

  • Cass Business School MBA Panel May 2017 | San Francisco, CA
  • TEDx P&G Geneva March 2016 | Geneva, Switzerland
  • TEDx Melbourne May 2016 | Melbourne, Australia
  • ACM & Deep Learning Group August 2016 | Newark, CA, USA
  • Singularity University Global Summit August 2016 | San Francisco, CA, USA
  • Australian Prime Minister Innovation Talk June 2016 | Melbourne, Australia
  • TEDx Binnenhof Australia Event May 2016 | Melbourne, Australia
  • MakerFaire 20 Under 20 October 2014 | Rome, Italy
  • Bendigo Group - Engineers Australia March 2016 | Melbourne, Australia


Alberto Rizzoli is an Italian entrepreneur Co-founder of Aipoly, a startup bringing artificial intelligence to embedded devices, helping the visually impaired identify objects and giving machines a sense of sight. Alberto started building companies at age 20, with 3D printing ed-tech, where he was featured in MakerFaire's 20 under 20 list. At 21 he co authored "The Future of Business", a series of insights on the future of 60 industries, in collaboration with fellow futurists from London. Later that year he is admitted at Singularity University's Global Solutions Program under a scholarship from Google, where he founded Aipoly in order to help the 285 million  people with blidness or low vision worldwide.


Weeks after being founded, Aipoly won three awards at Tech23, Australia's most prestigious startup competition, wins the IT Invention Test, gets featured in TechCrunch, and is invited to exhibit at CES2016 where it launches Aipoly Vision, an app using convolutional neural networks to give sight to smartphones, helping the blind navigate. In May 2016, Aipoly was placed first in the Anthill Smart100 for being the most innovative company to come out of Australia. As of August 2016 Aipoly is used by over 100,000 people worldwide and translated into 7 languages. In January 2017, Aipoly Vision is included in the Nominet 100 and wins the Best of Innovation Award at CES2017.


Born in Rome, Italy, Alberto discovered a passion for technology at a young age, and occasionally holds talks and lectures on advanced technologies or futurology topics such as job automation and AI.


In March 2016 Alberto was awarded by the President of Italy Sergio Mattarella for his efforts in advancing artificial intelligence for a good cause. In October 2016 he received the National Gentile Award for innovation.


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Past Projects & Experiments

Kidesign - Kideville, 3D Printing for Schools


Kidesign brings 3D printing to classrooms through fun, creative activities. Children build a city together, customising it and fitting requirements through 3D printing and CAD.

FutureScapes: The Future of Business

In 2014 I took part in the creation of Fast Future Publishing and the authoring and publishing of this 500 page book of futurist ideas and trends.

Transpolitica & Anticipating Tomorrow's Politics

Together with other members of London Futurists, we started a think-tank exploring the future of politics, publishing a number of e-books and essays.

Turtle Keyboard

Turtle Keyboard (design)

This layout was designed to maximise efficiency with single-finger gestures. Character positioning works in multiple languages while still resembling QWERTY. Allows typing without looking at the keyboard.

Mayfly - Ephemeral Social Network

Mayfly (UX)

When G+ launched I wish it had some temporary features, where people share moments happening live rather than a history of posts. Mayfly was a render of that idea which I ended up re-drawing sometime in 2013.

Smartwatch Research

Wearable Computer Interaction Design

When wearables began to look like a hopeful niche in 2013, I conducted a small research with Prof. André Spicer for my university studies on how people interacted with them, and what features would catch on. Hint: very few.


  • MakerFaire 20 under 20
  • IT Invention Test 2015
  • 3x Tech23 Awards
  • CTA Disability Challenge
  • Anthill Smart 100 2016 (number 1)
  • Social Impact Award by the President of Italy
  • Gentile Award for Innovation and Science 2016
  • Singularity University Global Grand Challenge Award 2016


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